What ladder will fit my boat?

Check with your boat builder to find the model number of your ladder.


What type of material do we use?

T-304 Stainless Steel, Electropolished


What is the weight limit or rating for a ladder?

300 Ibs


What does warranty cover?

See Warranty section


What size caps do I need?

2-Step telescoping ladders use PP-19

3-Step telescoping ladders use PP-20

4-Step telescoping ladders use PP-21

3-Step dive ladder uses PP-50

4-Step dive ladder uses PP-51


Can I upgrade to a ladder with more steps that will use my original brackets?

No, when going from 2 to a 3 or 3 to a 4, etc. The tubing at the top is wider, so brackets would need to be swapped as well.


Will an over-platfrom ladder work in the underplatform housing?

No, there is a different angle on the over-platform ladder.


Can the steps be replaced?

Depends on the model.

Models like TDL-2, TDL-3, UP-3, FDL-4b, etc. cannot be replaced. If they are broken the would needs to be sent in for repair.


Can the standoffs be adjusted or moved on the GMI's, TFL's, etc.?
No, they are connected to the step by nuts and bolts to a hole that is pre-made on a specific step.

Can the wheels be shaved down or modified?

Yes, the wheel would need to be frozen before doing so. Any modification to the wheel is done at the owners expense and if it breaks, it will not be covered under the warranty.

Can the fender holders go on 1 1/4 " railings?
No, they only fit on railings up to 1"
How big will the PM-1, PM-2, and PM-3 extend out?
Do we make extensions for the ladders?
No, but Westmarine carries some extensions
Will our dive ladders work with other manufacturers brackets? (or vice versa))
No, we have not tested any other manufacturers products.
Will any of our anchor rollers work with Rocna or Manson Supreme Anchors?
We have not tested anything with them. Go to Rocna or Manson Supreme.
Do we make backing plates for the ladders or anchor rollers?
No, they cari go to local machine shops or marinas.
How big should my backing plate be?
It depends on the thickness of the fiberglass or how strong the spot is. Always go as big as possible if you have the room inside.
What type of material should the backing plate be?
Best: 1/8" Stainless steel plate.
Could also use aluminum or fender washers
Always go twice the size of the bracket would be preferred.
Do we supply the nuts and bolts etc to attach parts to the boat.?
No, they would need to go to a hardware store or marina. Make sure its stainless steel.
Can we send prints to customers with dimensions?
No, a lot of prints are confidential and we do not supply.
Do we have instructions or general information?
We have some, that are more like guidelines. Each boat is different, so it is always best to contact a local dealer or the boat builder.
Do we ship international?
Yes and No. Email us for information.
Can we custom make a ladder or anchor roller?
No, we only build custom for volume customers (accounts) because of set ups, tooling, fixtures, etc.
If a dealer calls, can they get a discount?
Email us with dealer information.
Normal lead time?
On standard items, items will ship within 1 business day. Custom items take from 2-4 weeks.
Can we do expedited shipping?
Yes, but order would need to be placed over the phone to make sure it is processed that same day and we can check stock.
Can we buff the standard anchor rollers?
Can I pick up my order?
Order would need to be placed over the phone and would be available for pick up within 1 business day
Do we have a showroom?
Do we have a list of dealers or distributors in an area?
What strap goes with my ladder?
Depending on the ladder, it could be the ST47(urethane or bungee) or ST04(nylon webbed strap). It may be custom as well so check with boat builder.
What is the best angle suited for the dive ladder?
Max angle should not exceed 15 degrees. Excess amount of angle on dive ladder will cause fiberglass cracking.